Thanks for coming around. This website is about my research and activities within the field of jewellery. For more than 35 years jewellery is my passion, let´s see if you get as addicted as well… to get in touch please e_mail me
bs (at) barbara-schmidt-schmuck.de

For more that 15 years I am heading the Akademie für Gestaltung und Design der Handwerkkammer für München und Oberbayern.

As an Industry Research Fellow of The School of Jewellery / Birmingham City University it is very interesting to enjoy international exchange.

My education started as an apprentice in Munich in high jewellery. To work with Günter Krauss in Stuttgart, Max Wilpert in Freiburg and Prof. Friedrich Becker in Düsseldorf was very inspiring. My studies at the Zeichenakademie in Hanau and the postgraduate Master of Arts in Designmanagement at Birmingham City University gave me a solid background to start my design consultancy.

Innovation oder Mimesis

Innovation oder Mimesis

Die Einführung zu den archäologischen und ethnologischen Wurzeln leitet über zu kurzen Geschichten, in denen sich alles um Schmuck dreht. Sie verdeutlichen, dass ein Leben ohne Schmuck zwar möglich, aber eher sinnlos ist. Erschienen in 2016, bei BoD ISBN 9-783739-235523


Spontaneous happiness, colourful sensibility and playful lightness is combined with the joy of giving and decorating oneself. This is the spectrum of positive emotions appealed by the ringpostcards. They can be sent in an envelope and awoken to life: take out the ring, wrap it around the finger and hook the ends together.