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Innovation or Mimesis -
why we wear jewellery

There are many books jewellery. Why should you read it? It answers the question: Why do we wear jewellery? What is its meaning? Starting with one of the oldest pieces of jewellery around 75 000 years ago the author researches the reasons why someone has invented something which supports daily life beyond the struggle of existence. Within jewellery we can symbolise our thoughts and desires since then. Up to now we find 25 reasons why to wear jewellery. A short introduction about the archaeological and ethnological roots leads over to 25 charming short stories all around jewellery. The 130 pages are illustrated with 31 photographs of international jewellery artists and reflect that a life without jewellery may be possible but rather pointless. The book could be a charming gift to your customers which will remind them not to leave the house without jewellery. Print 13,99 -€, e-book 5,49 ISBN 9783739235523 or under bs@barbara-schmidt-schmuck.de

Guardian Angel Book for Charlotte ®

The imagination about guardian angels is inherited from ancient Babylonian times, the Talmud and the Bible. It reveals that mankind has always needed guardian angels. They represent an existencial truth as so many writers, philosophers, musicians and painters try interpring them creatively.

Interdisciplinary designers dedicated a special edition of guardian angels bearing the message: guardian angels enlighten our daily life...


Each year trees add one more ring to proudly present that they have sustained and grown against all odds. To come over the year in comparable calmness, endurance and contemplativeness it is helpful if you own rings for each month.
In this year again you find 12 rings in this volume to interpret your zeitgeist and preserve positive emotions. Colourful, recycled, borrowed, spiced, magnetic, checked and pressed - to cut or pull out, put together, wrap around the neck, throw away or wear ... just as you like you can play and enjoy yourself through the year.

12 international designers dedicate you this limited edition - enjoy this unique collection of surprises and wrap yourself in rings.

Barbara Schmidt, Berlin